The Healer

Once a month my team does a 25-minute design challenge. This month someone brought in a bunch of random objects. We each drew a word out if a hat and picked one of the items to depict our word. I got "healer" and I chose white nails. We were given 25 minutes to complete the assignment. I did not finish. It's tough pushing nails thru matte board! My fingers were pretty sore after this...oh the irony. I finished this in about 2 hours and used 384 nails.

My box of nails.
It's not perfect because I was trying to finish it so fast. I tried everything from just pushing them in to hammering them. After our time was up and I had more time to finish it, I eventually used a push pin to predrill the hole. Lots easier, but still painful.
the underbelly
the backside
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